Monday, August 30, 2010

What a Stay-at-Home Wife Does All Day

In case you didn't know already, I am super-excited to be a stay-at-home wife for the next few months, till baby comes along and I become a stay-at-home mama+wife. I think some people are wondering what I will do with all my time. Well, last week I kept a list. If you're really interested, here you go. It was a busier than usual week, since I was still working on so many settling in to a new city things.

Walk dogs
Weight training and stretching
Bible study
Read pregnancy books (yay, I'm in the second trimester now!)
Clean floors
Make insurance appointment
File receipts
Catch up on personal emails
Change automatic deposit at the bank
Look up car tag and driver’s license info
Dog rescue work for an hour or two
Hang pictures
Thank neighbors for housewarming gift, invite for dinner
Order address stamps
Organize computer documents
Organize dog vet records
Vet appointment at 1:20
Wash dog leashes and collars
Make dinner
Spray for wasps (okay, hubs did this)
Trim Huck’s nails (and hubs helped with this)
Watch The Closer at 8

Walk dogs
Weight training and stretching
Bible study
Brush dogs
Clean floors AGAIN because there was a layer of grime on them
Found a weekend dogsitter
Wash and cut up carrots and broccoli
More dog rescue work
2 hour nap
Invite friends over for dinner
Get car tag and driver’s license, register to vote
Have dog records faxed to new vet
Set an alarm code for dogsitter to use
Type up instructions for dogsitter

Walk dogs
Weight training and stretching
Bible study
Clean floors YET AGAIN
Dog rescue work
Make returns at Walmart
Shop for office and laundry curtains
Take the Gent his belt at work (he works out in the morning before work, and forgot to pack one)
Balance checkbooks OY
Pay bills OY OY
Catch up budget sheet OY OY OY
Clean out filing cabinet
Find a hotel room for a trip later this fall
Hang curtains (hubs did most of the work)
Make dinner
Interview daytime dogsitter for football season

Walk dogs
Weight training and stretching
Bible study
Clean kitchen and bathrooms
Dog rescue work
Insurance appointment at 2pm
Look into long-term disability insurance
WalMart to return the curtain rod that didn't work and buy a new one
Hem curtains
Hang kitchen curtains (aka watch the Gent hang curtains)
Make dinner
Make appointment with appliance repair service
Make appointment with electrician
Remind landlord grass needs to be mowed
Catch up on magazines :)

Walk dogs
Weight training and stretching
Bible study
Electrician comes at 8:15
Brush dogs
Clean floors AGAIN and now they are finally clean - bye bye grime!
Dog rescue work
Mail Mom’s birthday card and gift
Prep for the Gent's parents to come for the weekend
Bake bread
Make dinner

Friday, August 27, 2010

Office, Kitchen, and Laundry Room

If you go through the dining room, you're in the office. To your right:

To your left:

Then you go through the office to the kitchen, and then on to the laundry room. These photos are actually taken from the laundry room. My appliances are ancient but they do work. And I really miss my granite countertops. But the things I love about this house (almost) make up for the kitchen.



One of the things I love: a real laundry room, not just a closet. And it's pretty! I always wanted a pretty laundry room. :)


Bedrooms to come . . .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First of the Finished Photos

We'll start this tour at the front of the house . . .

Welcome to our front porch.

And the lovely fenced yard for the doggies.

When you come in the front door, you're in the family room. This is straight in front of you.

This is to your immediate left.

View from the dining room.

Zeke chilling in the office. He's just too cute.

To your left is the dining room

Huck in the dining room, not wanting his picture taken.

View from the office.

Everything is pretty much done in these two rooms, except I still want some kind of curtains for the windows on either side of the china cabinet. Any suggestions?

More to come . . . got to go finish hemming curtains for the office, kitchen, and laundry room!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chaos in a New Location

Here's the chaos of the before pictures in the new house . . . after pictures are almost ready. I'm just waiting for the rugs I ordered to come in, and I've got a few more curtains to make and hang.

This will become the master bedroom

And this will be the family room

And this will be the kitchen

Friday, August 20, 2010

Here We Are

Yes, we made it! Been a very busy week moving, setting up our house, and starting a new job. There will be several moving updates, but this will get you started. Last Friday and Saturday, this was the scene at our old apartment . . .







Lastly, thank you so much to our dear friends and family who helped with the move! We really could not have done it without your help. I'd still be sitting and looking at boxes if it were up to me!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Baby Update

We had our 12 week appointment this morning. Everything is progressing just fine. We were able to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time today - so fun! Baby's heart is beating about 160 beats per minute.

I am not gaining any weight but that's not surprising given how little I've been up for eating. The doctor says I will start putting it on soon and not to worry one bit. I have no appetite for sugar or coffee and haven't for the past 8 weeks. Very, very unusual for me! Right now my cravings (subject to change at any time) are for Caesar salad, apples, and French bread. Of all the things I could be eating I guess that's not too bad.

So what do you think, boy or girl? ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Day

Today was my last day of work.




Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Month Photo

3 months

Yep, there's definitely a little baby bump there. It is starting to sink in that it is going to get bigger! I know that's a good thing. :)

Mom and I went shopping for a few maternity basics (and one really gorgeous dress) last weekend, but I'm still getting by with loose-fitting summer dresses for now. We'll see how long I can make it . . . I'm scared of those big elastic panels. Shudder.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Where We've Been

Did you miss us? We were relaxing in the Smoky Mountains. Had to get away from all the boxes for a few days.

View from our "cabin"

Playing games with the family

Laughing trying not to fall off the rock

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IRS, Part 3

Remember this? And this?

Cause yesterday we got another letter from the IRS saying we owe taxes and interest and they are going to put a tax lien on our property (I am wondering what property?).

So I called AGAIN today. Fifty-nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds to straighten this mess that is not of my making out. Recall the IRS deposited our check the week after we mailed it, but they filed it under the wrong Social Security number, even though the correct number was written on the front of the check.

When we talked last time, they told me I would "not receive more letters requesting payment and interest." THEY LIED. But why am I not surprised?

Today I was on hold for 20 minutes. Then I explained the situation. Here's the short version.
IRS: Your account has been closed, but the payment was never posted.
Me: I am looking at my cancelled check right now.
IRS: Okay, let me see if I can find it. (more time on hold) I can't find your payment. Let me look again. (on hold again) No, I still can't find it. Read me the numbers on the back.
Me: long list of numbers . . . blah blah blah . . .
IRS: Hold on a minute. (more boring music plays) No, that's not bringing anything up. But if we cashed it, we can find it. (thought but not said: SHEESH CRAZY PEOPLE I HAVE THE CANCELLED CHECK RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! YOU BETTER HOPE YOU CAN FIND IT!) Can you fax me a copy?
Me: Yes, but it'll take me a minute. I need to get up from my desk.
IRS: Okay, I'll hold. (this part was kind of fun, since I'd been on hold about 35 minutes by this point)
Me: Okay, I just faxed it over.
IRS: I don't see it.
Me: I'll send it again.
IRS: Now I have it. Please hold. (long wait) Well, I found your payment. (thought but not said, YES you cashed it five months ago!!!) It will take about two weeks to transfer over to your account. You should get a notice in the mail that your account has been closed.
Me: Thank you for your help.

Here's hoping the third time is the charm . . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If only it was worth a thousand boxes. Because I think that's about how many I have left to pack. Oy.