Friday, March 30, 2012

On Our Hearts

I’ve been struggling with how to pray over the circumstances we find ourselves in with our Munchkin. Do I pray for acceptance, for healing, for a miracle?

I remember the story in the Old Testament about King Hezekiah, who prayed for the years of his life to be extended. God answered his prayer, but in the fifteen additional years Hezekiah lived, he fathered a son who was an extremely evil man and led God’s people to destruction. Would it have been better if Hezekiah hadn’t lived those fifteen years more? Or was enough good accomplished in those years that the good outweighed the bad?

This morning I sat down and opened my Bible. I am reading through the New Testament right now, but this morning I wanted the comfort of the Psalms. I turned the pages back to Psalms and found myself at Psalm 139. I’ve heard people say “the Lord led me to this verse” so many times, and I wonder to myself, did they just pick up their Bible and let it fall open? I don’t think that’s always the way the Lord leads us to a particular Word from Him, but that’s exactly what He did to me this morning. He put these words right in front of me:

“For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb . . . Your eyes saw my unformed substance, in Your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them.”

The Lord has a plan for this little one, before our baby was conceived God knew the length of Munchkin’s life. Whether that is a short few growing inside me or a hundred years on earth, God has a plan. None of this is taking Him by surprise.

The Gent and I trust that plan, whatever it is.

We are praying boldly and specifically that the Lord will knit together our baby’s tiny body, this week focusing on Munchkin’s spine and heart. We know our Lord is the Great Physician, and nothing is impossible for God. We are praying for His mercy to be poured out on our family, and on this child in particular. We pray also, as we do for Annie each day, that the Lord would fulfill His purpose in our children’s lives, in whatever way He chooses to do so. If it is not His will that this baby be born, then we pray for His peace and comfort. Our lives—and those of our children—are in His hands. We invite you to join with us these next few days as we boldly and confidently approach the throne of God Almighty.

Heavenly Father,

We acknowledge that You alone are God. You made the heavens and the earth and You formed us out of nothing. All that we have and all that we are is from You. You are strong and mighty to save. You are loving and merciful and compassionate. You are the Healer, the mender of broken hearts and souls and bodies.

Lord, we don’t fully understand the situation we currently find ourselves in, but we trust that You have a plan and that You are working for our good.

You promise us in Your Word that You hear our prayers, that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective, that where two or three are gathered together You are in the midst of them, that if we are suffering, we should pray in Your Name. We are so grateful that You hear us, that You never abandon us.

Father God, we ask for You to watch over this little one. We approach Your throne and we boldly ask that You would knit our baby’s body together, that You would form our little one’s spine and heart. We know that all things are possible for You. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.

Lord, above all else, we pray for Your will to be done in our lives and those of our children. Make our hearts one with You.

In the powerful and mighty Name of Jesus our Savior,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Annie: Thirteen Months

(this is the second post of the day, scroll down to see vacation photos)




This month Annie learned to stand on her own. She isn't taking steps just yet, but I suppose it won't be too much longer. Her bottom two teeth are in. She has definite words/sounds for Mama, Dada, and dog. She still loves her books, especially lift-the-flap books. She is also having fun with her dolls and stuffed animals. Annie loves to play with my iphone and rearrange my icons. She is starting to wear her 12 month clothes (though the 6-12 month ones still fit, for the most part) and is still in size three diapers. Annie is so much fun to be around and her Daddy and I just love her to pieces!

The Rest of the Vacation Photos

I've been meaning to post these but our internet service went out at 5:30 Monday morning and it is just now up and running again. So here you go:

Playing with Aunt Ne'

Checking out the pier with Uncle Mike
iphone 010

Watching the sunset with Daddy
iphone 011

iphone 024

Shopping at the arts and crafts festival in Fairhope
iphone 007

I didn't get any pictures with Grandma King, but Annie did have so much fun playing with baby Ellie while we were there visiting

Annie and I went to Bellingrath Gardens on my birthday. The hydrangeas were beautiful.

The wisteria, too


Beautiful day for a stroll through the gardens

And for chewing on your toes



Birthday presents in our hotel room (we stayed at the Battle House downtown)

Annie helped me open them

Love this book!!

Annie "napping" in our hotel
iphone 028

She did eventually go to sleep
iphone 031

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Good News

We had our ultrasound yesterday, but we weren't able to see a fetal pole or a heartbeat. At seven weeks I am definitely far enough along that we should have seen the beginnings of a baby. Since I chart and have for some time, it is improbable that my dates are off. At first the doctor wasn't concerned, but when I showed her my chart she became more apprehensive. She thinks that I will likely miscarry in the next few weeks, once my body realizes the baby is not growing. I go back for another ultrasound Tuesday to see if anything has changed but that is unlikely. I am not giving up hope entirely, but am being realistic. Unlike my pregnancy with Noel, when I had no symptoms, I feel very pregnant this time around, all the same symptoms I had with Annie. It is very strange to have the symptoms when I know most likely our baby is already gone. Emotionally I am feeling okay, stuck in limbo. I know that whatever happens we will get through it. I really don't want to walk the miscarriage road again. But I know that God is faithful, and I trust Him. Your prayers are treasured, dear friends.

Friday, March 23, 2012

First Beach Trip of 2012

Did you miss us? We've been on a tour of southern Alabama. First we went to Fairhope to the arts and crafts show and to visit with Aunt Ne' and Uncle Mike. Then we went to the beach. Then we went to Mobile 'cause the Gent had to work for a couple of days. We visited with Grandma King and went to Bellingrath Gardens. And we celebrated my birthday, hip hip hooray!

I have lots of pictures for you, but today we'll start with the beach. Have I ever told you how much I love the beach? It is my happy place. Nothing better than stretching out on warm, soft sand and listening to the waves. Thankfully the Gent loves the beach, too, and Annie is a big fan. We all had so much fun soaking up some sun, sand, and surf.


playing with the sand was a big hit



check out those bottom teeth - finally came in the week before her birthday!


just watching the waves




More photos of our trip to come next week, happy Friday y'all!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Phriday Phone Photos #5

the azaleas are blooming everywhere

trying to get to the dogs

please, Mama?

all dressed up and somewhere to go

oooooh I love this thing

helping me open an early birthday gift

so big!

Daddy, don't go!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Month



Ahh, nice flat tummy. I worked so hard to get it back. Guess I will be doing it all over again in nine months--and it will all be worth it. :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weaning and other Questions

Thanks for all the well-wishes for our little Munchkin. Our first ultrasound is in two weeks so I'll have an update for you then. I am feeling good, no nausea yet (that set in about week seven with Annie), just tired. And hungry all the time.

I'm thinking that's cause I'm feeding one baby while growing another. :)

Folks keep asking me if I'm planning to wean Annie soon (they were asking before I announced the pregnancy). Nope. Annie still loves nursing and has made no attempt to self-wean. She is nursing four times a day - first thing in the morning, after her two naps, and before bed. I will most likely wean her at some point towards the end of my second trimester/beginning of the third, because I don't think tandem nursing is the way I want to go. (But for those moms who do, more power to ya!)

I've also been asked about our plans for foster parenting. We have two classes left, then our home visits, cpr training, and finishing up our paperwork. I know some people think we're crazy, but we actually planned to have another baby and begin fostering at the same time. We'll be certified in another couple of months so we'll have several months to adjust to fostering before Munchkin comes. Last year when we took our Christmas card photo, the Gent and I looked at each other and asked, "how many kids are going to be in this picture next year?!"

And to answer a couple of questions about Munchkin . . . Yes, we will find out if baby is a boy or a girl. No, we will not share baby's name until the birth. Yes, we have a boy name picked out, and a first name for a girl. We've got some time to decide on the middle name.

Any more questions? Ask away!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Sister


(did you get it?!?)


(we're really excited around here)

'Cause there's a baby on the way!

We're due mid-November.

I know, most folks would say it is too early to be sharing our news. But I have my reasons.

We're really, really, really excited about our family's new addition.

Our extended family knows already.

We know from past experience that if a pregnancy ends in a miscarriage we have to tell our family then, and I have to write about it to process. So we might as well tell the happy news and let you pray with us over this little one than wait in case things go wrong and have to tell you then.

And as a dear friend counseled me last week, I'm not going to let fear still my joy over this little one. We're having a baby!! No matter what, this child is already part of our family.

Just wanted to share that joy with you! But hey . . . shhhhhh . . . if you know us in real life, it is still a "secret" in public circles (like work or church) until the second trimester.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He Asked, She Said Yes

We are a family that loves a party. :) Last weekend we celebrated my cousin and her fiance's engagement. Mom came up with some great decorations using her new Cricut, and together we put together a yummy menu. Congrats, Steph and D, we're so happy for you both!

the hostesses and the happy couple

decorations by Honey

yummy table

flowers and favors

don't we look happy?

Nana and Aunt Ne'

Girl can't resist a bookshelf

the men looking very solemn (guys, it's a party, remember?)



Annie and Honey