Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nora: Eight Months

 photo image1 9_zpswwfi2xnx.jpg

 photo image2 4_zps9aypdxvx.jpg

 photo IMG_1523_zpsheilrhkx.jpg

Eight months old and thinks she's so big! Nora loves to play, observe, and eat. She likes to go to baby story time at the library and is learning to tolerate the church nursery. Nora has just moved up to 9-12 month clothes (she's a long and lean baby) and is wearing size 2 diapers. This month she has learned to make several new babbling sounds (mama, nana, baba, and dada are on the rotation) and loves to squeal. Loudly. Especially in the car. Her big brother encourages her. She has been sick so she has been nursing extra and not sleeping very well. She is almost well now and I am hoping we go back to sleeping an eight hour stretch soon. :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 551-575

551. A return to health for our family after we were wiped out by the stomach bug.
552. That Daddy stayed strong to take care of us all!
553. That our family and tailgating guests were gracious as we succumbed one by one...
554. My awesome hubby who finishes planting my azaleas in the dark after helping get the kids to bed.
555. A fridge filled with leftovers--no need to cook this week.
556. That we never have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. We are abundantly blessed, I know.
557. Sustaining grace to carry on while I wait for Christ's glorious return.
558. Being able to bring my cares and concerns and worries before the Lord in prayer.
559. Praying whenever and wherever--ongoing conversation with Jesus. What an amazing gift.
560. Great introduction to BSF's Revelation study.
561. Sleeping in my own bed on clean sheets after a hot shower.
562. Expanding my flower cutting garden.
563. Pulling up weeds--literally and figuratively.
564. An excellent start to school with Annie and Jacob.
565. Little girls in smocked pumpkin dresses.
566. Little boys in football jerseys.
567. A new phone.
568. A mechanic who went above and beyond when I got my oil changed last week.
569. Hints of fall becoming more abundant.
570. Loyal fur babies.
571. Our fabulous dog sitter.
572. Extra snuggles from my sick kiddos.
573. Baby story time with Nora.
574. Watching all my munchkins grow and try new things.
575. Reading chapter books as a family.

Friday, September 25, 2015

One More Recipe

My sister-in-law made this recipe for us a few weeks ago; it was so good! And this is a healthy one, so enjoy. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

August Pictures

A few of my favorite pictures from the "big camera" last month.

Nora Mae and Daddy
 photo IMG_0217_zpspdbegzfc.jpg

Sophie in the morning. Sassy pants.
 photo IMG_0222_zpsqt83tb7e.jpg

As good as it gets.
 photo IMG_0226_zpsqjwpxh26.jpg

The boy.
 photo IMG_0235_zpsdyrqqrvf.jpg

Snotty nose and all.
 photo IMG_0237_zpsmsoe3mvv.jpg

My oldest and my youngest. Heart melts.
 photo IMG_0239_zpsfzfvaxyp.jpg

Nora loves her big sis.
 photo IMG_0241_zps3ym7nnnd.jpg

Sweet profiles.
 photo IMG_0244_zpsg1fghiv7.jpg

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 526-550

526. Rainy mornings.
527. Visiting with the neighbors.
528. Cinnamon bread.
529. Blueberry muffins.
530. Singing with the worship team.
531. Divide and conquer parenting.
532. Date nights and really good burgers.
533. A good night's sleep.
534. Getting rid of a headache.
535. First BSF class of the year!
536. Jacob's first soccer practice.
537. Consignment sale!
538. Swapping out the munchkins' summer and fall wardrobes.
539. Seeing what Annie dresses herself in.
540. Phone calls with old friends!
541. Completing our first 4K unit in school.
542. Multiple trips to the library.
543. Brushing the goats at the zoo.
544. Nora sitting up like a big girl in the stroller.
545. That Sophie likes to wear her glasses.
546. A schedule to keep us on track and make sure my to-do's get done.
547. Answering 2,439 questions asked my preschoolers each day before 9am.
548. Finding amusement in said questions.
549. New photos of the munchkins.
550. Zinnias are still blooming.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Recent Reads: for the munchkins

In no particular order:

the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder--we are currently reading By the Banks of Plum Creek. Annie and Jacob adore these books and are often discovered acting out scenes we have read

One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey

Where's Spot, Spot's Birthday Party, and other Spot books, by Eric Hill. Sophie likes Spot. :)

the Beatrix Potter stories (Annie likes to listen to these on tape during rest time)

the Little Bear stories by Else Minarik

The Ox-Cart Man, by Donald Hall

Frederick, Swimmy, Fish is Fish, and other titles by Leo Lionni

Play with Me, Gilberto and the Wind, Just Me, and In the Forest by Marie Ets

Chicken Soup with Rice, by Maurice Sendak

Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion

Two Bad Ants, by Chris van Allsburg (favorite of Jacob)

Song and Dance Man, by Karen Ackerman

On Market Street, by Arnold Lobel

Read Aloud Bible Stories, by Ella Lindvall (there are 5 volumes and the older three kids loved these re-tellings)

Freight Train, by Donald Crews

The Parable of the Pumpkin Patch, by Liz Curtis Higgs

Island Boy and Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney (favorites of Annie)

Nic of the Woods, Lynd Ward

My Getting Ready for School Book, Harriet Ziefert (favorite of Sophie)

Aileen Fisher's poetry books

3 in 1 by Joanne Marxhaussen (great illustration of the Trinity)

Big Thoughts for Little People and others by Kenneth Taylor

Mother Goose, illustrated by Michael Hague

cloth books for chewing (favorite of Nora)

The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village, by Francis Chan (I didn't know he had written children's books--this one was adored by Jacob)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Beach Time Fun

We went to the beach a few weeks ago with Honey, Poppa, Uncle Tyler, Aunt Kayla, and Lilly. A perfect way to end the summer!

the family
 photo DSC_0978_zpsfgluqqni.jpg

Honey, Poppa, and the grandbabies
 photo DSC_1007_zpseplxjdwg.jpg

our crew
 photo DSC_0990_zpsqa6iyjvz.jpg

our crew again--can't get a good shot of everyone at the same time
 photo DSC_0987_zpsfxefawxt.jpg

we did a lot of this
 photo IMG_0245_zps3rafl71s.jpg

the first two days the water was so calm!
 photo IMG_0257_zpsguswnqeo.jpg

Nora was so over pictures
 photo IMG_0322_zpsvk4ox9we.jpg

cousin Lilly--such a cutie!
 photo IMG_0343_zpsqjysdz5h.jpg

Annie-girl loves the beach
 photo IMG_0280_zpsjpq3v7rk.jpg

 photo IMG_0272_zpscfggi4wc.jpg

the only boy
 photo IMG_0255_zpsx01jcsml.jpg

sweet Sophie
 photo IMG_0256_zps5vxgsggc.jpg

the beach diva
 photo IMG_1080_zpspdum86pq.jpg

Mama and Peanut
 photo IMG_0299_zps8yukuvhd.jpg

Annie making a sand angel
 photo IMG_0379_zpsnrm4gxk8.jpg

Jacob can't get enough sand
 photo IMG_0297_zpsenjhnmmv.jpg

And waves
 photo IMG_1078_zpsgzwscgbr.jpg

Sophie and Daddy
 photo IMG_0274_zpsvxf91gdv.jpg

Sandcastles with Sophie
 photo IMG_0326_zpstzuq41sq.jpg

 photo IMG_1024_zpsmjfgw8jk.jpg

Nora enjoyed sitting in the sand, playing with it, trying to eat a little of it
 photo IMG_0362 2_zpsi7agjolu.jpg

 photo IMG_0349_zpsc97crpp7.jpg

 photo IMG_0361_zpsjdrt7erb.jpg

 photo IMG_0363_zpsnrft2sqj.jpg

 photo IMG_0372_zpsp9by5ekx.jpg

Daddy and Nora Mae, so happy together!
 photo IMG_1021_zpskvtpklgw.jpg

 photo IMG_0376_zpseftc3wph.jpg

Poppa's annual beach appearance
 photo IMG_1027_zpsczm2kxwh.jpg

Happy birthday, Honey!
 photo IMG_1073_zpsvg6co765.jpg

Mama can build sandcastles, too!
 photo IMG_1052_zpsgif0uzrt.jpg

There are more pictures of her because she doesn't move--much--yet. And she's so adorable, look at that happy grin!
 photo IMG_1034_zpsy7gcjpx5.jpg

Popsicles by the pool--yum!
 photo IMG_1065_zpspwm89dtf.jpg

 photo DSC_0973_zps97v2ny5m.jpg

Monday, September 14, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 501-525

501. A good night's sleep.
502. Our first home football game.
503. Nora's first game!
504. Sophie learning praise songs from her big brother and sister.
505. Hearing a recap of Annie and Jacob's comedy routine from their Sunday school teacher.
506. Finishing our first week of school.
507. The sweet curriculum we are using this year.
508. Watching Annie's mind grasp new concepts.
509. Observing Jacob's growth in so many ways since he came to be part of our family.
510. Field trip to the farm.
511. Baby turkeys. Who knew they were so cute?
512. Making new acquaintances as we begin our homeschool journey.
513. Fall weather.
514. Wearing jeans without getting hot.
515. Story time at the library.
516. Finally getting caught up on some of my big projects.
517. Favorite coffee mug.
518. Chatting with Mrs. Ella in the church nursery.
519. Nora going to the nursery pretty successfully now.
520. Being able to listen to the sermon uninterrupted.
521. The gift of prayer.
522. And intercession.
523. That God still speaks to us through his Word.
524. Tailgating with family and friends.
525. A manageable family schedule.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Recent Reads

Recent reads I have really enjoyed, along with a few of my favorite passages:

Heaven, by Randy Alcorn
We have such a skewed view of heaven. This book conveys glimpses of the beauty of heaven and what it may be like when all things are truly made new!
 photo IMG_0167_zpss6qmxih3.jpg

 photo IMG_0168_zpst6pscyzz.jpg

 photo IMG_9735_zps12bqzvkt.jpg

 photo IMG_0169_zpsa8toqyus.jpg

Women of the Word, by Jen Wilkin
A quick read but a great outline for how to study God's Word. I loved the reminder that the Bible is a book about God, not about us.
 photo IMG_0453_zpsjflnvbog.jpg

 photo IMG_0454_zpsmrxycbee.jpg

 photo IMG_0473_zpsplqnsezo.jpg

 photo IMG_0474_zpsjc1rnrxo.jpg

Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis
Such an encouraging story about a young woman who was faithful to the work God called her to, and is now being richly blessed for her obedience.
 photo IMG_0554_zps4l7v3uni.jpg

Counter Culture, by David Platt
Thought-provoking and timely. Reminders that Christians can't pick and choose on the issues--we are called to represent God in popular topics like human trafficking, and unpopular ones like abortion.
 photo IMG_0762_zpsnfvhlby7.jpg

 photo IMG_0763_zpstdtem6fk.jpg

Gilead (and Lila), by Marilynne Robinson
I really enjoyed both of these novels. Robinson's style is slow and thoughtful and the stories are well-told and grasp at the spectrum of human emotion and thoughts about a life of faith.
 photo IMG_1015_zpswsalm9co.jpg

 photo IMG_1016_zpsxwqilajs.jpg