Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Cookies, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Picture-heavy post today.

The Saturday before Christmas we decorated cookies at Honey and Poppa's. JJ and Annie really got into all the icing and sprinkles this year. Sophie just wanted to eat hers plain and was very distressed when I put icing on one. Poor baby.

opening their aprons before the decorating began
 photo IMG_7467_zpscd74ccd5.jpg

 photo IMG_7489_zpsc4db9b1c.jpg

 photo IMG_7495_zpsd0ecdb28.jpg

 photo IMG_7474_zps8a5e36a5.jpg

 photo IMG_7481_zps5c891ee1.jpg

We spent Christmas with Mama Rita and Papa Gene and Poppa's side of the family this year. Annie, JJ, and Sophie had a fabulous time with presents, stockings, playing with the nativity, reading Christmas books, sprinkling reindeer food, etc. The kids did well at the church's Christmas Eve service until the end. I handed out dry cereal one piece at a time as everyone went to the altar for communion. JJ loved his candle but the hot wax dripping on his hand not so much. I've never been so tempted to laugh during Silent Night as I was this year, reflecting on my sweet but silly bunch and how we're adding one more baby and oh someday they'll be teenagers and we will go to a midnight service and I won't have to hand out cereal or supervise the candles anymore and I will miss these days of them being little. Maybe. ;)

Christmas Eve photos, beginning with stockings from Honey and Poppa
 photo IMG_8735_zps860c3576.jpg

 photo IMG_8738_zps957a1f5c.jpg

reindeer food
 photo IMG_8746_zps30d8e352.jpg

 photo IMG_8747_zps6caad0eb.jpg

choosing just the right cookies for Santa Claus
 photo IMG_8753_zpsd81475ee.jpg

reading Twas the Night Before Christmas
 photo IMG_8742_zps308d35ca.jpg

Santa ate his cookies but he left a few crumbs
 photo IMG_8757_zps7aa5893b.jpg

Christmas morning. The stockings and gifts await!
 photo IMG_8760_zps5f260e0f.jpg

 photo IMG_8761_zps86771e5d.jpg

 photo IMG_8758_zps9657d5d4.jpg

 photo IMG_8809_zpsc22e5ac9.jpg

 photo IMG_8773_zps16ab0484.jpg

Snuggling with Daddy. Her big-girl water bottle was her favorite thing.
 photo IMG_8826_zps0ccc9ad5.jpg

 photo IMG_8829_zps053eeb7f.jpg

JJ's favorite gift: a leaf blower from Uncle Tyler and Aunt Kayla
 photo IMG_8849_zps96c58dab.jpg

Aunt Kayla
 photo IMG_8827_zps649edc2f.jpg

Uncle Tyler
 photo IMG_8856_zpsee2acc49.jpg

Poppa and the princess
 photo IMG_8836_zps8fe7d4aa.jpg

opening her baby doll (that used to be Mama's--she's getting ready to be a big sister!)
 photo IMG_8863_zpsca22387d.jpg

our wonderful host and hostess!
 photo IMG_8858_zps018fc96f.jpg

happy and tired girl
 photo IMG_8939_zps492d6fb3.jpg

Monday, December 29, 2014

One Thousand Gifts, 121-125

121. Rainy, winter days--even if our basement floods
122. Extra time with the Gent as work slows down a little during the holiday season
123. A joyous Christmas spent with my grandparents, parents, and family
124. Attending Christmas Eve service as a family, even if I did end up feeding the kids Cheerios during communion
125. Making plans for baby's arrival and looking forward to meeting Munchkin in a few weeks!

Monday, December 22, 2014

One Thousand Gifts, 116-120 (and an announcement!)

116. This season of advent--of anticipation, of preparation, of remembrance of who Jesus is and why He came. Emmanuel, God is here with us!
117. The prayers of the saints poured out over our family and JJ these past years, months, and weeks.
118. The faithful hand of God seen throughout JJ's story.
119. That God is always true to His nature. He does not change.
120. That we are finally on a path to JJ being our legal son!

Friday, December 19, 2014

An Early Family Christmas

Last Saturday we hosted Honey's side of the family for an early Christmas get-together. We so enjoyed having (almost) everyone gathered in one place!

Baby presents for Tyler and Kayla
 photo IMG_8646_zps66268d76.jpg

Sophie and Uncle Brian
 photo IMG_8596_zps4c446e6a.jpg

YaYa and NeNe
 photo IMG_8598_zpsdf01db48.jpg

 photo IMG_8662_zpsb97d4e56.jpg

Santa...Poppa? The big kids have about figured this one out. ;)
 photo IMG_8676_zps9438df5b.jpg

Still not sure about Santa.
 photo IMG_8689_zps45972aab.jpg

 photo IMG_8706_zps88d81ec2.jpg

family photo blanket with lots of Papaw memories
 photo IMG_8708_zps38ece418.jpg

Steph, Dwight, and baby Mac's first (early) Christmas!
 photo IMG_8718_zps24b3a3c4.jpg

Reading Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas to Nana
 photo IMG_8723_zpse59ef9f7.jpg

the gift-giving begins
 photo IMG_8726_zps2051c288.jpg

Annie played the only game of the day and she won
 photo IMG_8731_zps007ac245.jpg

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Family Fun Day

The first Saturday in December we found ourselves in town with no specific plans, wow! We made a family fun day of it. We started off at the children's museum to see the train display. Then we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and the kids ate baskets and baskets of chips. They took a great nap and the Gent and I did yard work and assorted house projects. Then it was off to the zoo to see the Christmas lights! We had a great time just being together with no specific agenda. Hurray for the holiday season!

 photo IMG_8520_zps1fdeeaa2.jpg

 photo IMG_8546_zps8d4df45b.jpg

 photo IMG_8532_zps75b2dcfb.jpg

 photo IMG_8543_zpsd8990b52.jpg

Monday, December 15, 2014

One Thousand Gifts, 111-115

111. reminders of the perfect atoning work Jesus did on our behalf
112. time to study God's Word even when life is busy being life!
113. early family Christmas with Honey's side of the family
114. hosting said family gathering at this old house that's perfect for Christmas
115. sound financial decisions for our family paying off

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Little Saint Nick

Nick celebrated his birthday just after Thanksgiving. He was so wriggly and excited I couldn't get him to pose for a picture! He gobbled up his treats in about 1.6 seconds. :)

 photo IMG_7345_zpsa339aeb0.jpg

 photo IMG_7346_zps40155e1e.jpg

 photo IMG_7347_zps14401cb3.jpg

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Munchkin: Eight Months

 photo IMG_8581_zps395677fe.jpg

A little late but here we are! Baby is growing well and I have reached the point where I have to sit down to put my shoes on--no more balancing on one foot while I tie gym shoe laces. I've been having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions for the past couple of months, but I think we're still several weeks away from the real thing (33 1/2 weeks now). We'll set up the double nursery for baby and Sophie to share after Christmas, get the car seat down from the attic, and buy some diapers. I think we'll be ready after that! Another baby girl--what a sweet blessing from the Lord!

Monday, December 8, 2014

One Thousand Gifts, 108-110

108. My kids. Even when they're brats. Like now. :)
109. So many prayers being said on our behalf this week (JJ has a big court date on Thursday)
110. An almost perfect family weekend.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sophie: 18 Months

the cutest 18 month old ever
 photo IMG_8509_zps94ac9f0d.jpg

her tongue, of course
 photo IMG_8514_zps0a73ea30.jpg

 photo IMG_8512_zps18f23760.jpg

Annie wanted her picture taken, too.
 photo IMG_8515_zps26356702.jpg

Sophie was so not into Annie's cheese grin.
 photo IMG_8517_zps2a5c86e4.jpg

Eighteen months and Miss Personality! Sophie loves to dance and practice going up and down stairs and play dress-up. She is very interested in books (her current favorite is Pat the Bunny) and baby dolls. She is starting to practice using a fork and we are working on not throwing her plate and cup on the floor. :) Sophie likes to explore and is very interested in our Christmas tree, but thankfully does not have the mischievous streak her brother did at this age. She likes to clean up her toys and JJ and Annie often con her into helping them. Sophie still loves to snuggle and give hugs and has learned to blow kisses. Some new words this month are "moo" and "baa" and "all done." She weighs 20 lbs, 1 oz--exactly what Annie weighed at this age. So thankful to the Lord for this sweet girl!