Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One year anniversary of Jacob's adoption!

Earlier this month we celebrated one year of adoption for Jacob! Daddy made banana pancakes for our family breakfast celebration, and Jacob got to eat off the "you are special today" plate. So thankful we get to celebrate this day with our precious boy!!

 photo image1 18_zpstgmvexni.jpg

Monday, March 28, 2016

Go Outside

This week--keep up the outside play! We have been playing outside almost every day for the past two weeks. Yay for cooperative weather. My kiddos are so much better behaved when they have had time to run off energy in the sunshine!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

We celebrated my birthday last weekend.

Stack of cards waiting for me, Annie's handwriting on top is my favorite
 photo image1 17_zpsuvlcwllv.jpg

the munchkins helped me open my presents from Honey and Poppa (who babysat Saturday afternoon and then took us all out for dinner--yum!)
 photo image2 10_zpsqsedlvzp.jpg

present from the Gent that we shopped for on Saturday :) a real, leather grown-up purse!
 photo image2 11_zpslkbouoay.jpg

breakfast pancakes
 photo image3 4_zpssrdpjq57.jpg

flowers from the Gent
 photo image3 5_zpsxkojnclj.jpg

birthday cake
 photo image1 16_zpskhynvfqf.jpg

Sunday night date
 photo image4 1_zps5tgft2lp.jpg

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Annie's five year old check-up stats

Age 5:
Height: 3 ft 4 1/4 inches.
Weight: 36 pounds.

For reference, at age 4 Annie was 34 lbs and 3 ft, 1 3/4 inches tall.

Looks like L'il Bit will continue hanging out in the 10th percentile. Thankful for my happy, healthy five year old girl!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Get Back on Track

This week's goal is a personal one for me: get eating and exercise back on track. We have all been sick off and on for the past week, and eating well and exercising have fallen by the wayside. Weight is holding steady since I finished Body for Life nine months ago (!!!) but I need to tone up. Today is off to a good start: I ran hard at the gym, drank a bottle of water, and now I'm enjoying a cup of decaf. Smoothie and Greek yogurt for breakfast coming soon. Now to keep it up through Friday. ;)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Long Weekend with Friends

A dear friend of mine moved last summer, and we got a chance to go visit a couple of weeks ago. Our kids had so much fun being together again, and the mamas did, too! When we met she had two kids and I had one. Now we have eight between us, ages 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 8 months. We had a blast checking out their new city together!

fun at the park
 photo image4_zpssefdweug.jpg

 photo image2 7_zpsmaoamfwo.jpg

 photo image3 1_zps8wkgw5n6.jpg

 photo image1 12_zps0cgtubgo.jpg

cruising in the jeep
 photo image5_zps2qgriqqy.jpg

playing at the art museum
 photo image1 13_zpsc3ccqvji.jpg

ice cream!
 photo image2 8_zpscw6glrpd.jpg

checking out his reflection in his sunglasses
 photo image3 2_zpsowom6mdo.jpg

she's serious about it
 photo image1 14_zpsidvocky1.jpg

two mamas and our eight(!!!!!!!!) munchkins
 photo image3 3_zpswohfrfyt.jpg

worn out from the weekend
 photo image2 9_zpsobvpnrl1.jpg

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Photos from Annie's Actual Birthday

I think I'm through with her birthday posts now. Her doll house was in the living room when she woke up and came downstairs. This dollhouse was mine many years ago. The Gent did a little repair work, and then I sanded and painted every nap time for 8 days. It turned out really cute, though, and she loves it and plays with it for at least an hour every day.

 photo IMG_3401_zpselvvoffx.jpg

 photo IMG_3442_zpsigmellhg.jpg

Can't find a picture of the inside but it is adorable.

Is it for me?!
 photo IMG_3445_zpsgv22v2yz.jpg

 photo IMG_3451_zpsohnl36qf.jpg

 photo IMG_3448_zps8fza3g4v.jpg

Daddy made a special pancake breakfast and she opened her cards.
 photo IMG_3456_zps4gu0qpu6.jpg

 photo IMG_3458_zpsoiypy5vr.jpg

then we went to the children's museum with her best friend
 photo IMG_3474_zpskfswmq7e.jpg

followed by a picnic lunch in Daddy's office
 photo IMG_3483_zpsbs2owgrx.jpg

Finished up with a quiet afternoon at home playing with her new dollhouse, Nana coming for a visit, and Olive Garden for dinner. Her choice. Annie had a pretty awesome birthday!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Drink More Water

I drink water all day long, but my kids hardly drink anything at all these days. Going to try to get them to drink a Camelbak of water each day.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nora: 13 Months

Thirteen months! We took these pictures almost two weeks ago and I am finally posting them. Nora does not like wearing shoes. She refused to stand with them on.
 photo IMG_3585_zpslwko35ui.jpg

Sock feet is so much better!
 photo IMG_3587_zpsb6fard7h.jpg

At 13 months, Nora is continuing to babble and talk to us. She has a word for Jacob but I'm not sure what it is, exactly. She continues to say her favorites Mama, Dada, bye-bye, uh-oh, and dog-gie (emphasis on the "gie"). She can walk holding my hands or pushing her doll stroller. She can stand by herself for a long minute, but hasn't tried any independent steps yet. She loves to swing and giggle and read Wild Animals over and over again. Her big sisters are now including her when they play dollies. She is prone to dramatics--throwing herself on the floor whenever I set her down, sweeping the green beans off her tray with a flourish, outbursts of tears when she gets buckled into her car seat or high chair. Poor fourth baby--she gets no reaction from her parents when these things occur. :) Happy 13 months, Nora! Watching you grow is so much fun!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tea with the Queen: Annie turns 5!

Annie requested a queen party for her fifth birthday. I had fun figuring that one out. :) We settled on "Tea with the Queen." Family and a few of her friends gathered at our house to celebrate. The kids decorated crowns and made fruit loop necklaces. We dined on madeleines, bacon cheese tarts, carrot sticks and hummus, grapes, goldfish, deli pinwheels, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with pink lemonade and sweet tea served in teapots. I let the little girls use real teacups and no one broke any. I made a crown shaped cake and served it with vanilla ice cream. Yum yum yum!

 photo Damask Princess Invite 5 x 7_zpskmisufh0.jpg

dining room table
 photo IMG_0724_zps8er2jczb.jpg

 photo IMG_0728_zps38r5oiby.jpg

birthday cake for the queen
 photo IMG_0725_zpsv9vzaq74.jpg

Honey-made banner
 photo IMG_0733_zpsmet7dn1f.jpg

necklace making
 photo IMG_0739_zpsdzjkkzoz.jpg

and fruit loop eating
 photo IMG_0736_zpsshc0ig3b.jpg

tea party
 photo IMG_0749_zpshpjhkoze.jpg

Sophie loved drinking from a real tea cup
 photo IMG_0753_zpsru9hsqhr.jpg

love all these sweet little girls
 photo IMG_0757_zpswhvsnpwx.jpg

blow out those candles!
 photo IMG_3629_zpsjxdpcluz.jpg

she loved her cake
 photo IMG_3633_zpshgjw56bn.jpg

and presents, of course
 photo IMG_3495_zpskrhzxefg.jpg

special card from Mama Rita and Papa Gene
 photo IMG_3487_zpsiuvfsqao.jpg

Nora hamming it up with Mama Rita
 photo IMG_3521_zpsed4cnia6.jpg

Jacob and Aunt Anna
 photo IMG_3510_zpsuckb5olh.jpg

Nana made this doll for me when I was a little girl. Passing it on to the next generation!
 photo IMG_3506_zpsxetg8c4o.jpg

family photo
 photo IMG_3511_zpsq0jkgfdb.jpg

Nora Mae and Mama
 photo IMG_3623_zpscvsdhfrd.jpg

birthday girl
 photo IMG_3622_zpsg9iesmom.jpg

Nana and the great-grands!
 photo IMG_3550_zpstanpqs2y.jpg

Aunt Anna and Uncle Andrew
 photo IMG_3624_zpsgdteski0.jpg

Mama Rita and Papa Gene
 photo IMG_3548_zpsrfvq0l9l.jpg

Honey, Poppa, Bebe, and Papa Rick
 photo IMG_3529_zpskiphmeaq.jpg