Friday, January 13, 2017

Nora: 23 Months

cheese face
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 photo IMG_7664_zpskx7eesyt.jpg

 photo IMG_7663_zpsk8wokdu8.jpg

Almost two! I'm not quite ready for her to not be a baby anymore, but she is. Thankfully she does still like to snuggle with me. This month Nora has fallen even more in love with her baby dolls (I didn't think that was possible). She continues to love her play kitchen--especially the cupcake set she got for Christmas. She is so adorable when she sings and prays. And she talks all the time. In paragraphs. So thankful for this precious little peanut!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

6 Months

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Baby David's growth is right on track and he is an active little guy! We are enjoying each kick and wriggle. He likes to do gymnastics every night when I lay down to go to sleep. I feel great now that I am over the nausea (that lasted till 18 weeks) and barely remember I'm pregnant most of the time. The kids love to talk to David and rub my tummy and they are just so precious. The Gent and I are starting to think through some of the harder decisions so please continue to pray with us.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

littlest photographer
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the kids made cookbooks for their grandparents, filled with recipes of their choice and pictures
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 photo IMG_7518_zpsyn2plrgr.jpg

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 photo IMG_7532_zpsbjwgrxkj.jpg

attempt at family photo at church
 photo IMG_7538_zpsznbqt8av.jpg

reading Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
 photo IMG_7550_zpswzlcae9y.jpg

choosing just the right cookie for Santa Claus
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they're ready!
 photo IMG_7557_zps1qqva2ub.jpg

reading T'was the Night Before Christmas with an uncooperative Nora
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looks like Santa came!
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 photo IMG_7575_zpsqfi88dvk.jpg

waiting on the stairs Christmas morning
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 photo IMG_7576_zpsrftwniw3.jpg

 photo IMG_7589_zpsmejs6fio.jpg

 photo IMG_7588_zps97j4ekw4.jpg

Sophie asked Santa for glasses for her doll
 photo IMG_7593_zpspsdzbifp.jpg

 photo IMG_7584_zpsko9msywg.jpg

Granny reading the Christmas story
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more gifts, food, and celebrating at Granny's house
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 photo IMG_7612_zpssdp1nak3.jpg

all Jacob's pictures are blurry because he was so excited and moving fast!
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 photo IMG_7619_zps21rimzv0.jpg

Nora cheesing it up
 photo IMG_7629_zpsid89ykah.jpg

attempt at a photo with Granny :)
 photo IMG_7625_zpsbipheszl.jpg

giggles with Papa Rick at Aunt Sandra's--one last stop for food and family and of course, a few more toys
 photo IMG_7625_zpsbipheszl.jpg

attempt at a photo with Bebe and Papa Rick
 photo IMG_7644_zpsu9vrohkt.jpg

staged photos may not have been a success this year, but Christmas with the kids certainly was!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Family Christmas

We celebrated an early Christmas at home before going to visit the Gent's family over the holidays. Honey and Poppa joined us and my did the children have fun opening their presents!

our advent wreath
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stockings from Honey and Poppa
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Poppa pretending to be surprised when he opened the books he'd asked for
 photo IMG_7469_zpsxqu1wflb.jpg

Nora taking pictures
 photo IMG_7434_zpslkav9jre.jpg

 photo IMG_7420_zpsinrnsi0i.jpg

Annie requested a tea set
 photo IMG_7424_zpsbxfxauv7.jpg

 photo IMG_7459_zpsumbekxps.jpg

Jacob was super-excited about his first Legos!
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 photo IMG_7428_zpsv1qkoyjh.jpg

Sophie likes her new doll carrier
 photo IMG_7442_zpsnxiysoec.jpg

 photo IMG_7445_zps6wlqhtfy.jpg

Nora loved getting an umbrella, just like the big kids
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 photo IMG_7452_zpsi7hvdalh.jpg

Nora helped me open my gifts
 photo IMG_7489_zpsj9nfbdp7.jpg

And she sat on Daddy while he opened his...see those little toes?
 photo IMG_7492_zpspswtyjbu.jpg

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Santa Claus 2016

Maybe no one will cry next year? Sophie was proud of herself that she didn't cry but she sat as far away from Santa as possible!

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