Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sophie's Third Birthday

Someone is having a birthday!
 photo IMG_5187_zpst7wzwjnb.jpg

How old are you, Sophie?
 photo IMG_5189_zpspctqhxos.jpg

Morning presents
 photo IMG_5183_zpssarrigdz.jpg

She asked for "a Bitty Baby and stuff" over and over again. We had fun making this wish come true!
 photo IMG_5001_zps9vyzugyl.jpg

Modeling her birthday dress from Nana
 photo IMG_5192_zps2s2lbim8.jpg

Out for Chinese food, yum!
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Friday, May 27, 2016

Jacob's 5th Birthday

A little late, but here are the pictures from Jacob's 5th birthday. We made the day count and filled it with good things (especially good things to eat)!

Presents before breakfast
 photo IMG_4686_zpsmimuefpc.jpg

 photo IMG_4697_zpssvuz49vd.jpg

and the special plate
 photo IMG_4702_zpsadh9m34b.jpg

trying out one present before church
 photo IMG_4707_zpsnosotcye.jpg

at church, he says, "Mama, take a picture of me and my girls!"
 photo IMG_4710_zps4r3om2bg.jpg

dirt cake
 photo IMG_4713_zps5ve9nyae.jpg

 photo IMG_4718_zpstxzhtvzv.jpg

jump rocket fun
 photo IMG_4721_zpsl4iddaqi.jpg

out for Mexican and the fake smile
 photo IMG_4724_zpsxtxut5iq.jpg

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Long Weekend at the Beach

we spent our 9th anniversary at the beach
 photo IMG_4864_zpsicushsmh.jpg

with the whole crew
 photo IMG_4776_zpsmiynyjb0.jpg

and Bebe and Papa Rick joined us
 photo IMG_4775_zpskovbydpa.jpg

why are people always asking me if they are twins? ;)
 photo IMG_4740_zpsrsppkd1y.jpg

Nora and Bebe on the beach
 photo IMG_4780_zpsgbtgclqh.jpg

sandscastles with Papa Rick
 photo IMG_4834_zpsbf6jiurb.jpg

kite flying
 photo IMG_4817_zpsxvxj4pl7.jpg

Dada, pretzels are so good!
 photo IMG_4822_zpspiruqqof.jpg

Annie, rocking the beach since her first trip at 5 weeks old
 photo IMG_4879_zpsqmksr0ql.jpg

Jacob having the time of his life
 photo IMG_4876_zpshzrzbhda.jpg

Sophie will sit and build sandcastles all day
 photo IMG_4784_zpsn8yyfcrr.jpg

Nora learning to be a beach bum
 photo IMG_4804_zpsugii0wvi.jpg

more sandcastle building with Jacob
 photo IMG_4904_zpsicrbd17t.jpg

so glad Nora loves the beach, too!
 photo IMG_4830_zps268zoe7z.jpg

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trip to Nana's House

Last week the munchkins and I went to Nana's to celebrate her birthday! We took a pineapple upside down cake and a birthday crown and she took us to Chuck E Cheese. :)

 photo image1 19_zpslb5a9cdu.jpg

 photo image1 20_zpsmbiedng7.jpg

 photo image3 6_zpsmttu9no5.jpg

 photo image2 13_zpsztfhytkk.jpg

 photo image2 12_zps5ofdcsjr.jpg

 photo image3 7_zpsexv3zj1l.jpg

Friday, May 13, 2016

It Is Well

Here's a link to one of my family's current favorite songs, It Is Well by Bethel. Happy Friday! I have a sick baby and a dirty house and five loads of laundry to do. But the sun is shining and we're going to the library (books!!) and the park (run off your energy while I snuggle with Nora!!!) and we're going to have fun today!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Annie's Ballet Recital

Annie's ballet recital was last weekend. Her class did so well; they had practiced diligently and it paid off. Annie loved her recital and I am thankful it lived up to all her expectations. ;)

first time wearing makeup (eek!)
 photo IMG_4552_zpsebwjvms0.jpg

getting ready backstage
 photo IMG_4557_zpsku6l05iq.jpg

Honey and Poppa came to watch
 photo IMG_0809_zps4tplpf0k.jpg

she loved the roses they brought
 photo IMG_4568_zpsc1f60ian.jpg

the munchkins had fun celebrating with their sister
 photo IMG_0811_zpssw7eds5w.jpg

Friday, May 6, 2016

End of School Year Pictures

 photo ee13843b-ca50-4828-b2f2-f8c32f885742_zpsdjxx9il5.jpg

oh, boy!
 photo 44686194-58b3-4683-9d12-e7db10e3a1aa_zps0surinp3.jpg

 photo IMG_4393_zpslnrcqcut.jpg

This girl is always telling me a story.
 photo IMG_4395_zpspb50qi6v.jpg

Sophie wanted her picture taken, too
 photo IMG_4385_zpshudsxexm.jpg

 photo a3f5f4ec-0c3a-468e-a275-af14f065f5b0_zpsvcpx99yv.jpg

We finished our 4K program last week. Overall our year went very well! We used a curriculum called God's World from A to Z; 26 units for each letter of the alphabet along with a theme for the letters (T-turtle, A-apple, etc). We are using Phonics Pathways for reading. Annie and Jacob know all the consonant and short-vowel sounds, so they are reading three and four letter words which lets them read the early Bob books on their own. We practice sounding words out all the time. They also like to write the letter sounds I say and see what it spells and play "true or false" (House starts with H--true or false? Jump starts with K--true or false? This is a game they came up with on their own and it is a favorite car game). We have done lots of reading aloud, field trips, and played with math concepts. It has been a fun year for us all and we are excited about kindergarten next year!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nora: 15 months

Nora has started walking for real this month. Very cute and wobbly and oh so proud of herself! She can sometimes be persuaded to leave her shoes on. She is shaking and nodding her head for no and yes, and has added some new words like bubbles and diaper. She definitely knows what she wants and if you don't understand and comply she will protest mightily. Good thing she's so adorable. ;) Her siblings love her to bits and I love watching them all play together. Some favorite toys are baby dolls and the play kitchen, and her favorite book is still Freight Train. No matter where you hide it she will find it. Nora is wearing 12-18 month clothes and is about to move to size 4 diapers.

 photo IMG_4397_zpsyecwe7p8.jpg

 photo IMG_4400_zps4gbowx76.jpg

 photo IMG_4402_zpsztejmawe.jpg