Monday, March 30, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 201-210

201. The adorable faces Nora makes while she is sleeping.
202. Four little ones to check on each night, give an extra kiss, pull their blankets close.
203. That I get to be their mama.
204. Four little lives to influence each day.
205. That God's mercies are new every morning!
206. And that His faithfulness never fails.
207. Beginning a new plan for eating well and exercising.
208. The ability to carry and birth three beautiful girls.
209. Nora traveled well on her first weekend trip.
210. A weekend spent with family.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Annie's Fourth Birthday: Cinderella Celebration

opening presents on her actual birthday
 photo IMG_9292_zpsnb3hcpqu.jpg

siblings helping out
 photo IMG_9293_zpszkru9ouk.jpg

sweet sisters
 photo IMG_9319_zpsi2nsqsrt.jpg

Cinderella party time!
 photo IMG_9349_zpslvxyu54m.jpg

castle cake
 photo IMG_9351_zps41hogyk5.jpg

magic wands
 photo IMG_9352_zpsf2gxloh3.jpg

glass slipper cookies
 photo IMG_9353_zpsdcjl10bt.jpg

drink station
 photo IMG_9356_zpsece76zwe.jpg

birthday banner
 photo IMG_9357_zpsyckqnojq.jpg

with Bebe and Papa Rick
 photo IMG_9328_zpsowjdknrb.jpg

with Mama and Daddy
 photo IMG_9361_zpsw65lwe8n.jpg

so excited about her cake
 photo IMG_9378_zpsrp3bsja9.jpg

blow out the candles
 photo IMG_9384_zpsaza2lgkc.jpg

 photo IMG_9385_zpscjhhipdh.jpg

double yum!
 photo IMG_9391_zpsqffgwglv.jpg

making clocks
 photo IMG_9369_zpszhs97gpm.jpg

pinata time
 photo IMG_9405_zpss4bp6mwc.jpg

fun with friends
 photo IMG_9407_zpskzt2t29u.jpg

 photo IMG_9416_zps5j72xhq1.jpg

Mama Rita
 photo IMG_9419_zpsxr4ygvdt.jpg

Papa Gene
 photo IMG_9421_zpskodbcxnn.jpg

Honey and all her grandbabies
 photo IMG_9449_zpsyhhislsa.jpg

 photo IMG_9434_zpsk25vlxpa.jpg

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Picture Catch-up

I was cleaning out pictures yesterday and came across these I hadn't shared yet...enjoy!

dress-up is her favorite
 photo IMG_9569_zpszaosvyiq.jpg

music is his favorite
 photo IMG_9543_zpsguns0vsj.jpg

being cute is her favorite
 photo Sophie_zpsljgwxkky.jpg

Nora meeting Granny
 photo IMG_9532_zpstrq7tce7.jpg

and Uncle Andrew!
 photo IMG_9557_zpscjumaacp.jpg

the Gent and his Mama and Nora Mae
 photo IMG_9540_zpsnrhyi18z.jpg

Honey cuddles
 photo IMG_9562_zpsqomv5fyj.jpg

Monday, March 23, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 196-200

196. A wonderful thirtieth birthday spent with those who love me!
197. Spring spring spring spring spring!
198. Colorful birds rapidly depleting our bird feeder
199. The children's fascination with said birds
200. Library books

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Huck's Birthday

I am late getting this post up (and I'm going to get to Annie's birthday party next week), but late is better than not at all, right? ;) Huck celebrated his birthday February 28th and he thoroughly enjoyed his bone and not having to share it with his brothers. He also did not want to cooperate for the camera, so this is the best I got. Huck is our "equal opportunity love bug" dog. He likes almost everyone, especially if they take time to pet his sweet red head. He is our biggest dog and the best with the kids, who adore him. Happy belated birthday, Huck pup!

 photo IMG_9468_zpsp5blbxsw.jpg

 photo IMG_9471_zps3cadwz4q.jpg

 photo IMG_9475_zpsgciuvv0d.jpg

Monday, March 16, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 186-195

186. Family gathered together to celebrate Jacob's adoption.
187. Finalizing said adoption and introducing our son to the world!
188. Extra help from my Nana while I was sick last week.
189. Playdates with new friends from church.
190. Our lovely home to host friends and family in!
191. Little girls dressed up like princesses.
192. Long naps, for my kids and occasionally for Mama, too.
193. Warm weather at last.
194. Spring is springing up all around.
195. Pretty tulips on my dining room table.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Adoption Day!

all gathered together to celebrate Jacob's adoption!
 photo IMG_9527_zpsjusfonlz.jpg

 photo IMG_9522_zpsofyvtusx.jpg

 photo IMG_9518_zpsn9g3yy9p.jpg

uncles, aunts, and cousins
 photo IMG_9523_zpsmuv7ncoa.jpg

listening to the judge
 photo IMG_9512_zpsd00kf6d0.jpg

Uncle Tyler and Aunt Kayla
 photo IMG_9552_zpsoygw2bng.jpg

the Gent and his brother--resemble each other much?
 photo IMG_9546_zpsqcqpslos.jpg

everyone is interested in presents!
 photo IMG_9536_zpsyxqknlcu.jpg

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Introducing Jacob Everett

We are thrilled (at long last) to introduce our son, Jacob Everett! Jacob was born on May 15, 2011 and joined our family through foster care July 26, 2012. Yesterday, March 10, 2015, was his adoption day. It has been a long journey to this point but we have seen God's faithfulness through each twist and turn. We are so thankful He entrusted us with the gift of Jacob's life!

This is a picture-filled post to catch you up on Jacob's life with us to date. Next post will include the adoption day pictures.

one of his first photos at our home
 photo IMG_8064_zpsufeexhwt.jpg

baby curls
 photo IMG_8373_zpso9hqtjcf.jpg

riding on Daddy's shoulders
 photo IMG_9096_zpszdqgqvod.jpg

splish splash
 photo IMG_8776_zpsk8gbymb2.jpg

learning to love Auburn
 photo IMG_9423_zpssy0hqq5d.jpg

sweet baby boy
 photo IMG_8761_zpsadqp8s75.jpg

that pout
 photo IMG_0651_zpshw6ubtcf.jpg

meeting Santa Claus
 photo Santa 2012.jpeg_zps7mij5p2n.jpg

having fun on the swing set
 photo IMG_0778_edited-1_zpsayerzfnr.jpg

he loves the sand
 photo IMG_3652_zpscwzz6x7h.jpg

even in his hair
 photo IMG_3571_zpsvhnvnqid.jpg

goofy smile
 photo IMG_2622_zpsvahbwoxh.jpg

 photo IMG_4191_zpsl3qjgjmd.jpg

with Bebe and Papa Rick
 photo IMG_4091_zpscpbl52xd.jpg

Christmas 2013
 photo IMG_4840_zpsjtj7gscp.jpg

that smirk
 photo IMG_4855_zpsotsjnj0t.jpg

Easter 2014 with Honey and Poppa
 photo IMG_6658_zpsubxjq3mh.jpg

almost three
 photo IMG_6527_zpsotbxo0gi.jpg

with Nana and Papaw
 photo IMG_4829_zps3dhivups.jpg

beach boy
 photo IMG_7169_zpsj2jtgvnb.jpg

with Granny
 photo 20140706_103735_zps5u9pklil.jpg

he's going to be the best husband ever, growing up with three sisters!
 photo IMG_6304_zpsuchmkhij.jpg

with Mama Rita and Papa Gene
 photo IMG_8248_zpsmrrcqnhn.jpg

football with Mama
 photo IMG_6526_zpsvwer6ibn.jpg

Auburn time
 photo IMG_6505_zpskmciko59.jpg

trick or treat
 photo IMG_8393_zps906dcdyl.jpg

Christmas 2014
 photo IMG_8481_zpszbgg3bmu.jpg

playing at the park
 photo IMG_7793_zpseonxqn47.jpg

our funny Valentine
 photo IMG_7709_zpstkbvmw6l.jpg

he loves being a big brother
 photo IMG_7910_zpsc3smodge.jpg