Monday, June 29, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 301-310

301. Listening to my big kids sing their VBS song
302. Listening to Sophie sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Jesus Loves Me"
303. Taking Annie to her first movie
304. Taking Jacob to his first baseball game
305. Nora joining me for worship team practice
306. Lower humidity
307. Creating more time to read, with the Gent and his book next to me
308. Completing my Body for Life 12 week challenge!
309. Healthier eating habits
310. Morning walk with the puppies

Monday, June 22, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 291-300

291. first zinnias of the season
292. last hydrangeas of the season
293. fresh flowers tucked throughout our house
294. air-conditioning :)
295. one last party with sweet friends before they move
296. a great extended family weekend at the lake
297. listening to Annie and Jacob pray
298. continuing our chapter-book reading
299. a quieter week ahead
300. time to celebrate the fathers in my life

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sophie's Ladybug Party

We celebrated our sweet Sophie's second birthday with a ladybug party. She loved opening presents but wasn't too sure about everyone singing to her. :) I had lots of fun planning her party and the cookies and cake turned out really cute. Happy birthday, Sophie!

birthday girl!
 photo IMG_0037_zps394f8zc2.jpg

invitations are one of my favorite parts of the party
 photo IMG_0053_zpstqbtkhap.jpg

I went pretty simple on the food and put my energy into the desserts
 photo IMG_0044_zpsq988vxht.jpg

 photo IMG_0047_zpssqow06js.jpg

 photo IMG_9648_zpsbkimdrnn.jpg

pretty decorations
 photo IMG_0051_zpskpsa5wca.jpg

look, it's a good family picture!
 photo IMG_0032_zpse2zoj48s.jpg

craft project
 photo IMG_0057_zpsctww2qaa.jpg

 photo IMG_0061_zpszl15x5ep.jpg

and YaYa
 photo IMG_0062_zpsn2fpshqh.jpg

pin the spot on the ladybug
 photo IMG_0090_zpskxor8i98.jpg

eating time!
 photo IMG_0065_zps9f4iiccp.jpg

sweet friends
 photo IMG_0066_zpsp3ef58r0.jpg

not too sure about everyone singing to her
 photo IMG_0073_zpszdmicjcs.jpg

save me, Mama!
 photo IMG_0075_zps05b18chp.jpg

let's blow these out together
 photo IMG_0079_zpsvzq7tqal.jpg

 photo IMG_0081_zps4ubnfc2p.jpg

finger-licking good
 photo IMG_0085_zpssp05ghwh.jpg

 photo IMG_0087_zpspc10lpgr.jpg

happy girl
 photo IMG_0101_zpsmtzo01v2.jpg

everyone was very interested in Sophie's presents
 photo IMG_0102_zpsqalgb5mw.jpg

Nora and Honey
 photo IMG_0122_zpsrdsmb9h8.jpg

playing with the new bubble machine!
 photo IMG_0116_zpsuvtdqgqs.jpg

loves her new purse
 photo IMG_0120_zpscbpzduta.jpg

hugs for Mama Rita
 photo IMG_0126_zpsdqqj2t4e.jpg

Monday, June 15, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 286-290

286. Living in the South.
287. With air conditioning!
288. Cookouts with friends while the kids play in the sprinkler.
289. A couple of hours alone on Sunday afternoon (thanks, hubby).
290. Plans taking shape for the upcoming school year.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nora Picture Post

Found these when I was cleaning off my camera earlier this week. Happy baby whom we love so dearly!

 photo IMG_9987_zpsimekbgpw.jpg

 photo IMG_9275_zpsoh4jtrfi.jpg

 photo IMG_9990_zpsvs0ddfau.jpg

 photo IMG_9569_zpskobdgy4g.jpg

 photo IMG_9988_zps4fdurchi.jpg

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Link for Wednesday

My sister-in-law is blogging now! You can read her blog here -- check it out and see what my adorable niece is up to. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 286-290

286. Good reports from the doctor at the munchkins' checkups
287. Vacation Bible School
288. symphony in the park
289. making plans for the new school year
290. summer reading at the library

Friday, June 5, 2015

Mother's Day and Dedication Day

Catching up on pictures. We dedicated Jacob and Nora to the Lord on Mother's Day. So glad we were able to do this with Jacob and gather all our family together to celebrate!

 photo IMG_9818_zps3gg8xw7b.jpg

whole family during the prayer--note Annie picking her nose...
 photo IMG_9825_zpsobxakzqu.jpg

 photo IMG_9831_zpsdn2eijqy.jpg

Nana and her girls on Mother's Day!
 photo IMG_9842_zpsva7in2x7.jpg

Tyler, Kayla, and Lillian
 photo IMG_9846_zpskprf2jjp.jpg

my crew
 photo IMG_9855_zps04rx1bgk.jpg

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nora: Four Months

 photo IMG_0016_zpsnwbarp3k.jpg

 photo IMG_0024_zps6hqolaqc.jpg

 photo IMG_0025_zpsjhg5pdbp.jpg

Nora Mae is four months old already, eek! She has discovered her feet this month, and has learned to grasp at toys and put them in her mouth. We are trying to give up the swaddle, but meeting with mixed success. Nora is 26 inches long (that's what Annie and Sophie were at nine months!) and is 13 lbs, 8 oz. We have just moved up to size two diapers and she is still in 3-6 month clothes, but going to be too long for them soon. Nora remains a big hit with her brother and sisters. This month we celebrated Mother's Day, her dedication day, and took Nora's first trip to the beach. Goodbye May; hello June!

Monday, June 1, 2015

One Thousand Gifts, 271-285

271. Three baby showers to celebrate growing families this week!
272. Sweet and sticky munchkins running around the yard while I hold the baby on the porch
273. Fireflies
274. Celebrating Sophie's second birthday
275. Cake!
276. New books
277. Hydrangeas beginning to bloom
278. Trying something new at my favorite Mexican restaurant
279. A fresh beginning for a new month
280. Making a summer bucket list with Annie and Jacob
281. Homemade popsicles
282. Making plans for school next year
283. Nora learning to grasp at toys
284. Jacob and Annie learning our new morning routine
285. Annie's crazy blonde curls that re-emerge with the humidity each summer