Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Annie Update

Annie is almost three and a half and very precocious (as she recently told a friend of ours). She loves being mommy to her dolls and helping me "watch" Sophie. Reading is her favorite activity. She has lots of her books memorized and she likes to "read" them aloud to us and whoever will listen. Her current favorites are Fancy Nancy and the Berenstain Bears. We've also discovered a picture book adaptation of the Little House series and she enjoys getting those from the library. When she is not tired at bedtime, she asks for a stack of books and sits in her bed and looks at them until she falls asleep.

Annie loves to memorize Bible verses and her catechism--she is definitely a little sponge soaking up whatever instruction we provide. She frequently regales us with song, very enthusiastically and usually very off-key. She enjoys having grown-up conversations. At dinner she is always sure to ask Daddy "how was your day?" She likes to sort and count things and is very orderly in her play (which sometimes leads to disagreements with her siblings).

She keeps us on our toes, but how we love our independent, feisty little blonde girl!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cincinnati Road Trip

Last week Honey and I took the kiddos to Cincinnati to visit sweet friends. What a trip!

Manatees at the zoo
 photo IMG_5851_zps3db6091d.jpg

JJ was super-excited about petting the snake
 photo IMG_5843_zpsfd147518.jpg

My Jenn-girl. How our lives have changed in the past 13 years! So glad we've been friends through it all.
 photo IMG_5870_zps698a6293.jpg

Playing church. Listening to their songs and prayers makes me happy. And makes me laugh with what they come up with.
 photo IMG_5854_zps7137ed8c.jpg

Saturday was rainy so we went to an indoor play cafe!
 photo IMG_5857_zps9365ad89.jpg

 photo IMG_5862_zpsefa53ddc.jpg

Graeter's ice cream, the best in the world.
 photo IMG_5891_zps333c73c3.jpg

 photo IMG_5880_zps576b6d63.jpg

Swimming with Mrs. Gigi
 photo IMG_5906_zps676ed42c.jpg

 photo IMG_5898_zps92f785ac.jpg

Peek-a-boo with Emmy
 photo IMG_5885_zpsce51cb2a.jpg

Couldn't have done this trip without Honey!
 photo IMG_5913_zps477d9894.jpg

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happiest of Birthdays to the Gent!

Here's a few oldies but goodies--Annie was about the age Sophie is now. Happy birthday to my sweetheart!

 photo IMG_6751_zps04431925.jpg

 photo IMG_6877_zps6e4ef460.jpg

 photo IMG_6963_zps8aca9f19.jpg

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

JJ Update

I thought it was about time for an update on the big kids. Let's begin with JJ. He turned three in May and planned his four year old party the next week (apparently we are having a dinosaur theme). He loves to cuddle but struggles with managing his temper. The tantrums get better for a while, and then he'll go through another round. His permanent status is still up in the air, but moving (slowly) towards a resolution one way or the other. He has now been with us for two years.

JJ is a musical kid and he is going to start a preschool music class in a few weeks. I think he'll really enjoy it. He and Annie play well together--for the most part--and he adores Sophie. He calls her "my Sophie." JJ likes to be outside as much as possible and especially enjoys playing in the water.

He has a boy baby doll that he got in the hospital when Sophie was born. He calls him Baby Blue. Baby Blue is his alter ego or something--he does things JJ wants to do but knows he would get in trouble for, and also has all kinds of imaginative adventures. I am thinking of beginning a Twitter #babyblueantics hashtag to keep track! Last week, Baby Blue threw all his green beans on the floor, ran for public office, and went flying. Stay tuned for more in the continuing saga of JJ and Baby Blue!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Munchkin: One, Two, and Three Months

one month
 photo 1b0f8ef9-1d37-46ea-8852-2896a3aa6ebb_zpse5fb9e0f.jpg

two months
 photo d69eaf51-be8c-4b3c-b17e-6007ed1e9379_zpscb63613b.jpg

three months
 photo a0703256-e728-467c-8d03-3d9f5400663b_zps5230f476.jpg

On to the second trimester! May it be filled with more energy and less nausea. So far this pregnancy is progressing very similarly to Annie's and Sophie's. I have been tired and sick, which is normal for me. (But yay I finally lost the last few pounds from Sophie's pregnancy!) The nausea is getting better but I am ready for it to be gone completely! Thankfully I usually have very easy pregnancies once I get past the first few months.

Annie and JJ are very excited about baby. We took them with us for my 12 week appointment and let them hear the heartbeat, and then we told them we were having another baby. Annie was mesmerized and JJ now wants to touch my belly all the time. Sophie is not quite sure what it is all about but I'm sure she'll catch on eventually. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Munchkin's First Pictures

six week ultrasound
 photo IMG_5297_zps353b6885.jpg

nine week ultrasound
 photo 6dde5e09-f2e8-454b-b380-d88c8ceb811e_zpsb7fc57ff.jpg

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sophie's Announcement

 photo photo32_zpsc121a998.jpg

 photo photo33_zpsd2fe655a.jpg

 photo photo34_zps8ce57321.jpg

Baby Munchkin is due January 25 and we couldn't be more excited!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Weekend

We spent a long weekend with Bebe and Papa Rick. The kids loved the park and the nature center and playing in their backyard. The Gent and I enjoyed our date night Saturday and catching up with family. A good time was had by all!

Nature Center
 photo 20140705_112927_zpsce0f43ff.jpg

 photo 20140705_110250_zpse0ea9b5a.jpg

 photo 20140705_113040_zps23b7f840.jpg

Ticklish baby!
 photo photo30_zps1f5d0d62.jpg

Homemade ice cream on the 4th
 photo photo28_zps69bd1d08.jpg

Catching up with Granny
 photo photo29_zpsb682874a.jpg

Grins with Bebe
 photo photo31_zpsb22592d5.jpg

So exhausted from her weekend she actually slept a little in the car on the drive home
 photo photo27_zps4965c733.jpg

Wednesday, July 2, 2014