Friday, March 17, 2017

34 week ultrasound

I had another 4d ultrasound last week and the munchkins all tagged along. They are fascinated by the ultrasounds and it is so sweet to see! We have them on dvd and their favorite screen time request is "to watch the David movie!" Love seeing the joy they have for their baby brother. The first picture is looking down at his face--you can see his mouth and nose. The second is a partial side profile. And the third is obviously his hand. :) David has not let us see his face since the 20 week ultrasound. He had one hand over his face most of the time (so we could see his cheeks, lips, nose, chin, and sometimes one eye) and then towards the end he put both hands over his face, hands facing out toward the ultrasound transducer as if to say "quit poking me!" He is definitely my baby who wants his own space. When I rest my hands on my belly he always starts kicking them off. I know some would say with his reduced brain function all the movement I feel is just reflexes...but we know his personality is shining through, even in the womb. At this ultrasound we learned David has hair! It looks like he'll have sweet baby hair sticking out the edges of his little hat. Wonder if it will be black like Nora's was?

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