Friday, May 19, 2017

Ten Years

Ten years ago today we celebrated this. We joined our lives together and started a new family. We have lived life fully these past ten years--five moves, law school, four amazing home churches, old and new friendships, three jobs, countless trips to the beach, thousands of books read, and at the top of the list, six precious babies created, one beautiful boy adopted, and a dozen foster children we've loved. We have walked roads no one wants to walk. We navigated a broken and painful system with Jacob, that resulted in him leaving us for a time and then returning. We buried a child eleven days ago. This is not what we planned for our tenth anniversary. But we know that God is faithful and that He keeps His promises. He brought us together all those years ago and He has not abandoned us. Even now, He is working all these beautiful and painful things together for our good. How thankful I am for each moment of these ten years.


  1. What a beautiful family - Happiest of anniversaries to you!